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How to use Webmail for Widomaker.com

1. Open up your Web Browser (example: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Mozilla).

2. Then type in the ‘address bar’ http://webmail.widomaker.com. (DO NOT USE www)

Figure 1

3. Put in your username (this is your email without @widomaker.com) (e.g. username@widomaker.com becomes just "username") and your password.

4. If you’ve successfully done so, you’ll see your images as such: (Figure 2)

Note: If you get a maintenance screen, it is safe to click "skip".

Figure 2

5.Click Mail on the left to get list of messages.

Figure 3

6. Click on the subject line to read the email. Then you can reply or compose a new email.

Figure 4

All mail seen is what is on the widomaker.com server (and not your PC).

7. To delete one or many emails, you can do it a couple of ways. If you are reading the email, you can click the "delete" link within the email itself. Or you can place a check mark next to the message in the main screen then click the delete link.

Figure 5

(this will refresh the screen and the email(s) you've selected will be darkened with a strikeout through the message(s). This means they are marked for deletion)

Then you click "purge deleted" to remove the emails permanently.

Figure 6

Note: IF you delete the mail, be sure to PURGE it to actually delete the email. (you will see these links on the right and left side of your screen)

Deleted emails will not download to your PC.

Note: Emails left on the server will be downloaded the next time you user your actual email program (such as Outlook Express, Eudora, Mozilla or Thunderbird).

ALSO!! Ensure you logout of the webmail by clicking the logout icon. Otherwise you are still logged in and anyone can access your account.

IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT USE WEBMAIL AND YOUR EMAIL PROGRAM AT THE SAME TIME!! This could cause corruption to your email on the server causing a complete loss in email service until you call and have us repair it.

Exclamation Mark Alert SymbolSome of the information on this support site is out of date. Until appropriate updates can be made, please contact us by e-mail or telephone for the most up-to-date instructions or settings. Additionally, some current support information may be found in the Knowledge Base section of Widomaker's Weblog (blog).
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